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COVID-19 Teaching Response

Training, resources, and information for faculty who need to quickly move their classes into alternative teaching methods.


Remote teaching resources for instructors at Golden West College. 

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Canvas Beginner: Urgent Teaching Transition

 Getting Started in Canvas: Basic Instructions Start Here

Using Canvas as an alternative teaching method during this COVID-19 response.

Note: The following link takes you to a Canvas-based resource. Log in with your Coast Username and Password.

Video Quick Start

COVID-19 Response: Converting F2F Classes to Canvas

GWC Online Instruction Department's Juli van Dorn gets you started quickly in Canvas. In this video, she demonstrates step-by-step how to create a course in Canvas.

NOTE: View with Firefox or Chrome browser.

Mentoring in Canvas: Join your GWC Colleagues Here

Online Mentoring in Canvas:

Faculty volunteer mentors have already begun (as of Monday, 3/15) to reach out to mentor our colleagues in a newly created Canvas course.

Self-enroll and join the discussion:

If you would like to volunteer your skills as a mentor, please email David Vasquez and Julie Nguyen.

Canvas Training & Help: Live Webinars & Recordings

Online Webinars* hosted by GWC's Online Instruction:

*You only need a computer/device with internet access and sound capability. 

Join by clicking on "Zoom Conference" at the appropriate day/time or click on "Recording" to view previous webinars.

Canvas Advanced Topics

California State Chancellor's Office Resources for Emergency Teaching

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